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At the heart of our approach is a deep commitment to innovation, integrity, data-informed decision making, and social responsibility. These principles guide us as we transform the passive income generation landscape through strategic real estate investments, all with the aim of unlocking your financial freedom.

Building the Foundation for Tomorrow’s Investments

We are not just investing in properties — we are investing in your future and the communities of tomorrow. Join us as we embark on this path of creating long-term value and lasting impact.

Adapting to Market Dynamics

By continuously adapting our strategies to align with global economic shifts, your needs, and real estate market changes, we ensure our investments are resilient and future-proof.

Innovative Technology Integration

We’re leveraging technology and data analytics to anticipate market trends and optimize investment decisions, ensuring we stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Sustainable Investment Practices

Our focus on sustainable and socially responsible investments is not just good for the planet – it’s a forward-thinking strategy that promises long-term returns and stability.

Cultivating a Community of Savvy Investors

We’re not just building a portfolio; we’re creating a community of tech-savvy investors who share a vision for the future of investment, fostering collective growth.

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Investment Criteria 

Dynamic Growth Communities

Focused on rapidly developing areas of North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, and Ohio. We are targeting high growth areas.

Value-Add Class B/C Properties

Investing in Class B and C properties primed for value increase through strategic enhancements.

Revitalizing Multifamily Assets

Specializing in transforming underperforming or distressed multifamily assets into profitable residential spaces.

Prime Location Units

Prioritizing properties in highly desirable submarkets known for strong rental demand and stable income.

Scaled Investment Range

Concentrating on properties with $5 million to $15 million total capitalization, balancing investment efficiency and diversification.

Targeted Fund Returns*

5-7 Years Expected Fund Duration

Minimum investment of $100,000 

Equity Multiple (Net)**


Levered IRR(Net)


CoC (Avg excluding Sale)


COC (AVG including Sale)

*These projected returns are specific to Limited Partner levels within the Fund. Assumptions for a 5-year holding period for Class B Limited Partner Investments. Cash-on-cash return projections are derived from base case assumptions. Target percentage returns are calculated on an average base case.


Our Team

We are a dynamic mix of experienced technology and real estate executives and professionals with a long track record of success. We’re a passionate about delivering innovative and data-driven real estate investment opportunities that support your future.

Vesna Pettersson

Vesna Pettersson

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Vesna Pettersson, leading Leapfrog Funds, combines a decade of global real estate investment expertise with a deep understanding of the technology sector. Known for transforming market volatilities into profitable ventures with impressive returns, she also excels in investor relations and property management expertise.

Prior to her real estate career, Vesna honed her planning and operational skills in high-tech sectors, including IT and technical support and sales, where she developed a keen understanding of tech industry nuances. This corporate experience, combined with her command of 4 languages, infuses Leapfrog Funds with a global perspective and a commitment to customer satisfaction that resonates with investors from diverse backgrounds.


Brenda Rose Jones

Brenda Rose Jones

Investor Relations and Fund Manager

Brenda Jones of PrivCap Investments LLC,  Apple, and previously Meta, plays a key role at Leapfrog Funds as an Investment Strategist and Investor Relationship Manager. Her expertise is crucial in tailoring real estate investments to suit technology professionals. Brenda’s blend of building investor communities, tech industry expertise, and a passion for real estate positions her as a valuable resource for investors aiming for portfolio growth and diversification.

With an economics background from UC San Diego and her experience at State Street IMS, Brenda effectively merges technology insights with smart real estate investment strategies. Her approach is deeply client-focused, prioritizing strong, trust-based relationships. She customizes her services to individual investor needs, ensuring a transparent and engaging partnership. Brenda is more than an advisor — she’s a dedicated ally in your real estate investment journey.

Andreas Pettersson

Andreas Pettersson

Investment Network Visionary

Andreas Pettersson, an experienced tech CEO and real estate investor, assists executives and professionals in achieving tax-efficient, high-yield investment returns. His 16-year career in technology-focused industries and skill in improving multifamily properties establish him as a visionary adept at identifying asset opportunities often overlooked by others.

His strategic insight is backed by a solid educational foundation, including a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, as well as a second Master of Science in Industrial Management and Economics (MBA).

Through this fund, Andreas creates a conduit for like-minded professionals, executives and seasoned real estate investors to attain financial growth and passive real estate wealth.

Isa Fidelino

Isa Fidelino

Marketing and Investor Relations Manager

Isa Fidelino, an innovative entrepreneur with a background in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley, excels in branding and education. In just three years, she’s gained over 4 million views for her social media marketing efforts.

As the founder of Tru Branding, Isa supports real estate professionals and entrepreneurs in enhancing their online visibility. She also created Bayani, an online platform offering financial and entrepreneurial education. Isa’s work focuses on empowering people to reach financial success and promoting growth in her community, highlighting her commitment to branding, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

Isa Fidelino is dedicated to driving success and creating opportunities for like-minded individuals seeking to excel in branding, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

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