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At Leapfrog Funds, we redefine the standards in real estate investment, with a laser focus on the multi-family community sector in rapidly growing regions of North America. Our mission is to provide unmatched service and unique experiences, and to ensure our values lead to exceptional returns for you.

At the heart of our approach is a deep commitment to innovation, integrity, data-driven decision making, and social responsibility. These principles guide us as we transform the passive income generation landscape through strategic real estate investments, all with the aim of unlocking financial freedom for you.

Our operational strategies are a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence. We target the revitalization of underperforming and underused multifamily properties, harness advanced technology for efficient property management, and offer you a sophisticated dashboard for seamless performance monitoring.

Our firm transcends the role of a typical investment entity. We see ourselves as a catalyst for change, committed to empowering you to capitalize on real estate opportunities for financial freedom, while making positive contributions to communities and the environment.

We are not just investing in properties — we are investing in your future and the communities we touch. Join us as we embark on this path of creating long-term value and lasting impact.


Empower you to achieve financial freedom and impactful community contributions through innovative, transparent, and socially responsible real estate investment strategies.

Our Core Values

Guiding Principles for Lasting Partnerships


Our dedication to making positive change is unwavering. In every aspect of our operations, from market analysis to asset management, our team embodies excellence. This ensures that your investment is not just managed, but fully optimized. We are committed to not just meeting expectations, but exceeding them.


At the forefront of our operations is innovation. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and strategies, we create investment opportunities that are both unique and profitable. For you, this means being part of a fund that is always a step ahead, offering opportunities that are forward-thinking and fruitful.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our relationship with you. In a world rife with uncertainties, you can count on our transparency, honesty, and ethical practices. This fosters a trusting relationship, ensuring that you can invest with confidence, knowing that your interests are always our top priority.


In our decision-making process, data is the driver. We leverage comprehensive data analytics to inform our strategies, ensuring that every decision made is backed by solid, empirical evidence. This translates into a fund that is not just guided by intuition, but grounded in factual analysis, enhancing both stability and profitability.

Ethically Minded

Our commitment extends beyond financial returns. Being socially conscious means we invest in positively impacting communities and the environment. Your investment goes beyond yielding financial returns. It also contributes to creating a better, more sustainable world, and aligns profitability with social responsibility.

Pioneering Smart Strategies for Smart Investment Opportunities

Blending data-Informed decisions with market expertise for optimal investments.

High-Return Opportunities

Our approach integrates tax-efficient, high-return investment opportunities with strategic property enhancements and a technology-driven methodology. This combination not only promises lucrative returns but also drives significant growth in asset value and ROI.

Agility and Collaborative Spirit

Our size is our strength, giving us the agility to quickly seize emerging opportunities. Our team’s collaborative approach ensures rapid and effective responses, setting us apart from larger, less nimble real estate investment firms.

Data and Technology Empowered

We embrace cutting-edge technology, utilizing best-in-class software for everything from investor engagement to project underwriting and asset management. Our commitment to leveraging technology extends to supporting our environmental objectives, continuously seeking new ways to evolve and enhance our operations.

Focused and Ambitious Goals

Our aim is to establish a portfolio of $100 million in B class multifamily real estate assets, managed to consistently yield an average annual return above 15% for you. 

Empower Your Future.
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Our Leadership

We are a dynamic mix of experienced technology executives and professionals with a long track record of real estate investments and operators. We’re a passionate about delivering innovative and data-driven real estate investment opportunities.

Vesna Pettersson

Vesna Pettersson

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Vesna Pettersson brings a wealth of experience to the helm of Leapfrog Funds, a multifamily real estate fund tailored for tech professionals, executives and seasoned investors. With a decade of expertise in real estate investment and property management across the US and Europe, Vesna has a proven track record of converting market volatilities into lucrative opportunities, underscored by impressive double-digit IRR returns.

As an accredited investor and a licensed real estate agent in California, Vesna has achieved remarkable cash flow and significant appreciation. She’s adept in strategic intvenstor and vendor relationships, which has resulted in nearly zero vacancies for the properties she manages.

Prior to her real estate career, Vesna honed her planning and operational skills in high-tech sectors, including IT and technical support and sales, where she developed a keen understanding of tech industry nuances. This corporate experience, combined with her command of four languages, infuses Leapfrog Funds with a global perspective and a commitment to customer satisfaction that resonates with investors from diverse backgrounds.

Vesna’s approach is deeply rooted in building strong, long-term investor, vendor and tenant relations and ensuring meticulous process-driven management. Through Leapfrog Funds, she offers investerors more than just returns — a community and partnership in a future-proof real estate endeavor.

Brenda Rose Jones

Brenda Rose Jones

Investor Relations and Fund Manager

Brenda Jones (PrivCap Investments LLC), a seasoned professional from Apple and Meta, in a Join Venture, now enhances Leapfrog Funds as an Investment Strategist and Investor Relationship Manager. Her role is pivotal in aligning real estate investment opportunities with the goals of tech executives and professionals. Brenda’s deep understanding of the tech sector, coupled with her enthusiasm for real estate, makes her an invaluable asset to investors seeking portfolio diversification and growth.

Armed with an Economics degree from UC San Diego and expertise in institutional investment asset management at State Street IMS, Brenda’s financial savvy underpins her operational contributions at Leapfrog Funds. She excels in bridging the gap between technology professionals and astute real estate investment, offering a unique perspective that combines industry insight with investment acumen.

What distinguishes Brenda is her client-centric approach. She believes in building strong, trust-based relationships and tailors her services to meet each investor’s unique needs. Her transparent and engaging style not only fosters investor confidence but also ensures a personalized investment experience. Brenda is not just an advisor; she’s a partner in your journey towards making lucrative real estate investments.

Andreas Pettersson

Andreas Pettersson

Investment network visionary

Andreas Pettersson, Advisor & Partner at Leapfrog Funds, Tech CEO, entrepreneur, angel investor, and Commercial multifamily Real Estate portfolio manager.

With a distinguished career as a founder and tech CEO and a sharp eye for lucrative real estate investments. Catering to tech professionals and executives, seeking tax efficiency and double digit returns in the face of market volatility. Andreas wields a proven track record in commercial multifamily investment and management, showcasing his ability to revitalize underperforming assets into top-market performers.

In the tech realm, Andreas has spent 16 years founding and carving out innovative paths in technology companies, securing substantial funding rounds, and leading strategic ventures within the Canon Group. As a result, he’s been recognized as a visionary leader, cultivating world-class global teams and spearheading market-transforming products and services. His strategic insight is backed by a solid educational foundation, including a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, as well as a second Master of Science in Industrial Management and Economics (MBA).

Through this fund, Andreas not only shares his real estate acumen but also creates a conduit for like-minded professionals, executives and seasoned real estate investors to attain financial growth and stability in today’s unpredictable market landscape.

Isa Fidelino

Isa Fidelino

Marketing and Investor Relations Manager

Isa Fidelino, a forward-thinking entrepreneur and marketing expert, combines her academic background and hands-on experience to create exceptional value in the world of branding and education. With a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science and a minor in Early Learning and Developmental Sciences from UC Berkeley, she has honed her understanding of human behavior and learning.

Over the course of 3 years, Isa has achieved remarkable success in social media marketing and branding, amassing over 4 million views within her content. As the founder of Tru Branding, she has tailored her expertise to serve real estate professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs, helping them establish and elevate their online presence. Isa is also the visionary behind Bayani, an online learning community dedicated to providing accessible financial and entrepreneurial education. Through her multifaceted approach, she empowers individuals to achieve their financial goals and fosters growth within the community she serves.

Isa Fidelino is dedicated to driving success and creating opportunities for like-minded individuals seeking to excel in branding, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

Joint Ventures & Partnerships

Leapfrog Funds strategic joint ventures with leading entrepreneurs and companies are tailored to maximize your returns, leveraging diverse strengths for impactful and profitable investments. We’re committed to delivering sustainable growth and strong financial performance, ensuring that you benefit from unique, market-resilient opportunities.

Advisor Board

With vast experience in technology, real estate, and finance, expert advisors play a crucial role in steering our investment strategies and upholding our values of innovation and social responsibility.

Ocean Ridge Capital

Ocean Ridge Capital


Ocean Ridge Capital is a boutique real estate investment firm and syndicate based in Southern California. Built on its partners’ 10+ years experience investing into multifamily and experiential properties, the firm primarily focuses on acquiring and managing value-added affordable multifamily housing nationwide. Its most recent fund (a Section 8 focused multifamily fund with 75+ doors) is currently achieving 40%+ IRR with an average cash-on-cash of 18%. The firm additionally invests in creatively financed properties throughout the Southeast US and opportunistically lends private money debt nationwide. 

Michael Costa

Michael Costa


Michael Costa is a recognized financial leader and real estate expert, currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer for Sabra Health Care REIT, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBRA). As a Certified Public Accountant and a licensed real estate broker in California, he brings a unique combination of financial insight and real estate knowledge. Since 2004, Michael has been actively investing in residential and multi-family properties, demonstrating his skill in identifying and managing valuable real estate investments. His blend of professional background and practical experience makes him a key asset to Leapfrog Funds.

Michael is also a founder and a Principal of M Squared (a sponsor and manager of multifamily real estate syndications) where he plays a crucial part in developing financial strategies and overseeing asset operations, skillfully navigating the complexities of the real estate financial landscape. 

Michael’s academic foundation includes a B.A. in Accounting from California State University, Fullerton, and an M.S. in Accounting from the University of Virginia, which underpins his professional achievements.

Alex Patsavas

Alex Patsavas

Advisor & Consultant

Alex Patsavas, with 20 years in the field, brings a unique blend of architecture, construction, and technology to the real estate industry. As a licensed architect, general contractor, and mortgage loan originator, he has contributed to high-profile projects like Google Offices and Chicago’s Millennium Park. His architectural background is central to his approach in developing multifamily real estate, focusing on community-building and sustainable design. Alex’s tech-forward methods, using tools like BIM and 3D rendering, enhance both the design process and investor engagement. As an Advisor and consultant for Leapfrog Funds, Alex utilizes his architectural expertise to pinpoint and enhance value-add and new construction opportunities, skillfully handling complexities in zoning and cost management. His proficiency in strategically managing debt equips him to excel in financial structuring within the realm of multifamily real estate projects.

Alex holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois.

Eelco van Maaren

Eelco van Maaren


Eelco van Maaren, with over 20 years in executive roles at Salesforce and Cisco Systems, brings substantial leadership and business development expertise to Leapfrog Funds. His experience includes driving revenue and spearheading enterprise sales strategies.

In 2019, he founded Ohana to support startups with growth strategies and capital provision, demonstrating his commitment to future generations and business innovation. A passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, Eelco’s education spans from the Amsterdam School of International Business to advanced programs at Stanford and the London School of Business.

At Leapfrog Funds, Eelco leverages his rich experience to guide investment strategies, network and contribute to sustainable growth, embodying a vision for progressive real estate investment and societal betterment.

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