Why Georgia is a Prime Real Estate Market for 2024

by | Apr 2, 2024

Georgia’s real estate value is climbing as more people flock to the region, drawn to popular cities with a plethora of job openings like Atlanta, Columbus, and Savannah. To keep up with this demand, active property sale listings increased at the tailend of 2023, which means 2024 is set up for a large, diverse, and successful investment market. 

From stable cashflow to tax advantages, we’ve broken down the potential of Georgia’s real estate for 2024, enabling you explore how investment in this region will help take your portfolio to the next level. 

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia’s real estate potential for 2024

With below-average housing costs, affordable taxes, and a low cost of living compared to its neighbors, there are quite a few reasons people all over the world are moving to The Peach State. The weather is desirable (mild winters, regular rain, and tons of sunshine), Southern hospitality is king, and the state is a popular post-retirement destination for those looking to enjoy their golden years. 

Younger generations are equally interested in Georgia for its career and housing potential. New professionals can launch careers in tech, entertainment, logistics, or healthcare, all while enjoying a low cost of living and high quality of life for raising families. 

The entire state is enjoying annual influxes of new residents, but these cities in particular are expanding rapidly, which is why multifamily real estate investors like us are paying close attention to their growth:


Georgia’s capital, Atlanta is a burgeoning hub for tech professionals and investors alike. The city is home to major companies like Google, Microsoft, and IBM. Atlanta also has a thriving startup scene, including Mailchimp, Calendly, and Stord. Combine that with growing opportunities in music, film, and entertainment, and you’ll understand why the city is a highly attractive destination for young employees looking to expand their experience.

Despite its robust job market and bustling nightlife, Atlanta remains more affordable than most other tech hubs in the country. It’s also projected to experience a steady rise in rent prices, making it even more attractive to multifamily investors watching the region. 


Columbus’s job market is just as diverse, featuring open roles in industries like manufacturing, education, healthcare, and the military. Home to Fort Benning, Columbus regularly hosts a large military community, as personnel and their family members are assigned to the location. It’s also home to Columbus State University, which attracts undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. 

Beyond its career and academic opportunities, Columbus boasts a variety of recreational and cultural amenities, including parks, museums, theaters, and outdoor activities that line the Chattahoochee River. The city’s mild climate also contributes to its high quality of life and newcomer appeal. 


Savannah, Georgia

The sweetheart city of Georgia, Savannah is known for its well-preserved historic district, which features beautiful architecture, cobblestone streets, and a number of historic landmarks. The city’s rich history and Southern charm attract tourists and new residents alike.

Situated on the scenic coast of Georgia, Savannah residents enjoy access to beaches, marshlands, and rivers. Outdoor enthusiasts are also able to access activities like boating, fishing, hiking, and birdwatching.

Georgia real estate: Where big business meets smalltown charm

Characterized by its robust business environment, thriving metropolises, and charming suburban communities, Georgia is where the hustle and bustle of tech and entertainment meet slow, Southern enchantment. 

Now that you understand why people are flocking to The Peach State, let’s explore why investors are so inspired by this influx of new Georgians. 

Stable cashflow

Investment in Georgia real estate gains you access to stable cashflow, which indicates consistency in revenue generation. This provides investors with more predictable returns, in turn reducing the level of risk associated with investing in the state.

Portfolio diversification

Investing in new markets means increased portfolio diversification. Diversifying across multiple properties in diverse areas helps stabilize income streams. This reduces the risk of income disruptions from vacancies or rental defaults in any single property.

Tax advantages

Multifamily real estate investment provides you with access to tax advantages, and investing in the state of Georgia is no different. From depreciation deductions and pass-through taxation to operating expense deductions and state tax incentives, there are plenty of opportunities to take “advantage” of in Georgia’s market. 

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Your Georgia Real Estate Cheat Sheet:

  • Average rent prices in Atlanta for one-bedroom: $1,794/month
  • Average rent prices in Columbus for one-bedroom: $1,143/month
  • Average rent price in Savannah for one-bedroom: $1,657/month
  • YOY increase (as of March 2024): 4.5%
  • Georgia property tax rate: 0.81%
  • Is 2024 a buyer or seller’s market in Georgia? 2024 will be terrific for buyers and sellers alike! Georgia home prices are on the rise, and expected to continue throughout the year. 

The next predicted market crash in Georgia: N/A! Experts don’t predict any crash—more like a slight economic slowdown, but the state is generally at low risk for recession.

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